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Online Order Form - Ski Boat Biminis

Measurements required for mail order Ski Boat Biminis:

Please find below photographic instructions to assist you in filling out the mail order enquiry form

Our Ski Boat Biminis come standard in Black Acrylic Canvas. If you require a different colour, please notate it in the comments section. We also inclue a coloured Flash (located above the edging on each side) that is usually matched to the paintwork or upholstery in the boat. As vinyl colours are limited (unlike paint and gelcoats), a good description here will help us find the best match for your boat.


Optional Accessories:

Targa Stays

Allow the top to be folded back without resting on the deck of the boat.


Rigid Frame

Replaces the standard straps with a solid vertical stay (either front or rear) and a spreaer bar inside the edge of the top.


Storage Sock

Protect the bimini when travelling or when folded up against a Targa Stay.


Standard Ski and Wakeboard Rack

The Standard Rack uses a central tie down block ad rope or occy straps (not supplied) to secure the boards or skis. This can also be supplied without the tie down block to allow room for Knee Boards, however we do not recommend their use with heavy boards.


Deluxe Clamping Ski and Wakeboard Rack

These are solid aluminium bars and quick release pins to secure Wakeboards and Skis (not suitable for Knee Boards)

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