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Online Order Form - Biminis

Measurements required for mail order Bimini Tops


1. Mounting Point Width

Usually measured from the back of the windscreen on either side.


2. Mount Height

Measured from the floor to the mounting point, vertically.


3. Windscreen Length

Measured from the back of the windscreen, along the deck/gunnel, to the top edge of the windscreen.


4. Windscreen Width

Measured from where the curve of the screen starts on either side. If windscreen is square, measure the width 200mm back from the front section.


5. Windscreen Height

Measured from the gunnel/mounting point to the hightest point of the windscreen


Note: For an open runabout you only require the mount width, which is the measurement from gunnel to gunnel where you want it mounted, height required from gunnel to top of canopy, and total length of the boat you want to cover.



Once you have these measurements, please fill out the below form.

NOTE that this form is not for ski boat biminis. If you wish to order a ski boat bimini, please click here.

If you have any problems, or need some assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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